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Thrust Areas

Future thrust areas for research and developmental works are:

Strengthening germplasm collection, maintaining, documenting, conservation and screening for breeding and develop new varieties of onion, garlic and other vegetable crops.

Developing and evolving high-yielding varieties for increasing productivity and improving quality suitable for processing and export purposes. Developing Fl hybrids, particularly of onion, garlic, Frenchbean, okra, capsicum and bitter gourd.

Developing of varieties / hybrids tolerant to stemphylium blight, Colletotrichum blight and purple blotch diseases and thrips for kharif, late-kharif and rabi seasons.

Developing varieties/ hybrids of white onion having more than 15% TSS for dehydration.

Developing production technology, organic cultivation and suitable cropping systems for high return and at a low-cost of production.

Standardizing protocol for anther/ovule culture for development of homozygous parental lines used in heterosis breeding programme.

Developing bigger-cloved garlic, which can be grown under short winter season?

Developing IPM and INM technologies for cultivation of onion and garlic for domestic and export markets.

Promoting precision technologies for an effective and efficient use of water.

• Strengthening of technology for production of breeder, foundation and certified seeds of improved varieties to meet the demand of quality seed. The emphasis is being given on quality seed production and distribution.

Developing of area-specific package of cultural practices and intensification of transfer of technology for onion, garlic and other export-oriented horticultural crops.

Managing post-harvest losses of onion, garlic and other export-oriented horticultural crops.