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Transfer of Technology

The NHRDF since its inception has been instrumental in making a substantial involvement in the development of Indian Horticulture through its extensive network of regional centres all over the country. The process of 'lab-to-land' transfer of technology could be done quite successfully through different extension methodologies, which resulted in the facilitation of better production, productivity and ultimately the betterment of the rural farmers. To educate the farmers with various research findings on onion, garlic and other crops and its implementation at farmers' fields, the NHRDF regularly arranges various extension and educational programmes, viz Demonstrations, Field Days, Farmers' Meetings, Exhibitions, Trainings, TV Programmes, Radio Talks, Seminars, Farmers' Group Visits, Publishing Technical Bulletins, Leaflets and CDs. The programmes have given a good impact on adoption of technology, resulting in increased area, production as well as productivity with quality produces.


Demonstrations always give a 'see and believe’ experience which aids as one of the best media to impinge a technology of new nature, into the rural farming community. The NHRDF arranges demonstrations at farmers' fields to promote the technology developed in different fields. Field days and farmers' meeting are arranged at the demonstration plot to explain the latest technologies.


The NHRDF conducts training programmes to farmers and officials from agriculture / horticulture departments of state government and students from colleges. The training programmes are focused as per the requirement of the trainees in different disciplines, which cover vegetable production, plant-protection measures post-harvest management, seed production, marketing, export etc. The training in laboratory services is also provided as per the requirement. The international training is also provided to officials from various countries in different disciplines of horticulture/agriculture.


Seminars serve as a proved and efficient interface between the end-users and the makers of technologies in agriculture. The NHRDF arranging District, State and National level seminars. The themes of the seminars are taken as per the need of the location where the seminar is arranged. The problems of farmers in vegetable production are discussed with the scientists of universities / state   government   officials   and   other concerned invited in the seminar. In the national and state level seminar after discussions, the proceedings, highlighting various points of farmers' interest, are being submitted to the Government of India or State Governments for suitable action.


India is bestowed with diversity in farming, while allied practices are too not left out and the nation is too blessed with a number of agroclimatic zones enabling huge variety in produce, methodologies as well as season of production. Farmers taken to areas with varied farming practices and given chance to learn from the same result in adoption of appropriate techniques and newer crops and their varieties. The NHRDF with the financial assistance from the Government of India arranges group visits of farmers from different states. The farmers are benefiting a lot by adopting the newer technology and improved varieties of various crops.

Exhibitions Radio and TV Talks

The NHRDF arranges exhibitions it selves and also participate in different exhibitions arranged by different agencies / state government, which helps farmers for knowing the latest technology available in various fields as well as availability of quality seed of different vegetables. The radio and TV talks are delivered on different topics for the benefit of farmers as and when required.

Seed Production and Distribution

Starting from more 3 kg of onion seed in 1979, the NHRDF produces over 200 tonnes of onion seed and distribute annually to serve the farmers more closely. In garlic, NHRDF produces more than 1,000 tones of garlic seed annually. Besides, NHRDF produces and distribute seeds of potato, okra, baby corn, cauliflower, carrot, coriander, French bean, methi, muskmelon, palak, radish etc. in different parts of the country. The replacement of onion and garlic varieties is achieved to a considerable extent through distribution of quality seed. Seeds are distributed through various centers of NHRDF in different parts of the country.